EZMatch™ Medium to high resolution for solid organ and bone marrow transplantation

EZScreen™ Donor Specific Antibody detection

Ricimer™ GMSbiotech Analysis software for EZMatch™ & EZScreen™ products

The beach-head product in this market is "EZMatch™" which is based on Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) typing: with proven market applications for tissue transplantation and stem cell therapeutics; and early stage but high-growth-potential markets, also based on HLA analysis, for vaccine development, personalized vaccine delivery, personalized treatment for autoimmune diseases (MS, Arthritis), and personalized treatment of microbial infection.

GMSbiotech will also launch a Donor Specific Antibody screening "EZScreen™" & monitoring test. The GMSbiotech product line will feature HLA Class I & II native antibody detection for pre & post transplantation.

While traditional markers can aid in diagnosing the clinical status of solid organ transplant recipients, they are generally non-specific and most often only identifiable after graft damage has occurred.  The early identification and subsequent removal of clinically harmful Donor Specific Antibodies (DSA) associated with Acute Mediated Rejection (AMR), both pre & post transplant may reduce allograft loss and improve patient outcomes.

GMSbiotech offers a highly sensitive and and native state antibody screening and monitoring assay for the accurate detection of DSA for both pre & post transplant that is more cost-effective and easily fits into most labs current workflow.  This platform is currently in development.


GMSbiotech Ricimer™ software is a companion to GMSbiotech's molecular typing and antibody screening products.

Analysis results can be reviewed in graphical form, allowing easy adjustment of cut-off values to clarify results. Data can be exported or formatted into custom reports. This software runs in both stand-alone (on a single computer) and network environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Supports the most current allele nomenclature format
  • Manually enter reaction patterns
  • Easily update product information (new product and lot information)
  • Compile and print custom reports from your data
  • Export data in multiple formats for use in other systems
  • Compare results to GMSbiotech quality control (QC) data.
  • Automatically notifies user when catalog (.cat)
  • updates are available
  • Use stand alone or in network environment