Febuary 2018.

GMSBiotech received a three year SBIR Phase IIB grant for $3 Million from NIAID to develop an sHLA Chip in collaboration with Pure Protein LLC.

September 2017.

GMSbiotech was awarded a US Patent (No: 9,751,069) on "Compositions and Methods For Entrapping a Protein On A Surface" on September 5, 2017.

Melissa D. Schwaller Ph.D. J.D. joined the company as VP of Intellectual Property.

February-August 2016.

GMSbiotech received a two year Phase II SBIR Grant for developing an sHLA Chip for Anti HLA Antbody Screening and Monitoring for an amount of $2,609,551 effective from February 1, 2016.

GMSbiotech has established a Joint Venture with Pure Protein LLC to develop a sHLA chip for Anti HLA Antibody Screening & Monitoring using GMSbiotech's proprietary protein array platform and Pure Protein's patented sHLA proteins. See Businesswire April 5, 2016.

GMSbiotech was awarded a US patent Number 9,416,419 on "Methods for PCR and HLA typing using Unpurified Samples" on August 16, 2016.

August 2015.

GMSbiotech out-licensed its Raw Sample Genotyping (RSG) Technology to Pathogen Dx exclusively for Agricultural testing application. The agreement includes up-front payments as well as minimum royalty payments and R & D contracts to GMSbiotech.

July 2014.

GMSbiotech was awarded a US patent Number 8,771,951 on "Methods for PCR and HLA typing using Raw Blood" on July 8, 2014.

June 2014.

The Company raised additional capital for product development.

November 2013.

GMSbiotech was awarded a US patent Number 8,575,325 on "Population Scale HLA Typing and Methods There of" on Nov 5, 2013.

November 17, 2013.

GMSbiotech presented its HLA chip technology at the 39th annual meeting of the The American Society of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ASHI). This appearance was a springboard event for GMSbiotech to showcase its HLA-Chip technology. The HLA-Chip product consists of gene probes for the analysis of genetic compatibility in marrow, stem cell & solid organ transplantation: the well-known backbone of transplantation medicine.

August 2013.

GMSbiotech received a two year Phase II SBIR grant to develop the Transfusion Chip effective August 1, 2013 with a funding of $1,732,966.

October 1, 2012.

GMSbiotech has secured private funding to accelerate HLA Product Launch and FDA 510(k) submission.

GMSbiotech has received Letter of Certification as a Qualified Small Business for the Small Business Capital Investment Incentive Program from Arizona Commerce Authority.

May 22, 2012.

GMSbiotech received a US patent (No. 8,183,360) on Population Scale HLA-Typing and Uses Thereof on May 22,2012.

Dr. Krishna Jayaraman President & CEO was invited to make a presentaion and to be a panel member in the 14th Annual SBIR/STTR Conference held in Louisville, Kentucky (May 30th-June 1st).

April 1, 2012.

GMSbiotech received a two year R21 grant from National Heart Blood and Lung Insitute for High-Throughput HLA-Typing: on Raw, Unpurified Cord Blood Samples. GMSbiotech will have access to archived cord blood samples from NHLBI.

An article on this grant award appeared in Genomeweb News (May 10, 2012).